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User support terrible waiting times

* Worst phone call support (waiting times can go over 1h !! and many times they will hang you the phone call in case they don't feel in the mood to help you).
* Payed 52,296 euro for using 4,358MB data zone 3 ( 12,00 euro/MB )
* Email claims can take 1 month to answer a common response of: We are sorry but we cannot do anything regarding to your claim.
* Doesn't exist a simple phone Application where you can check the last phone calls, internet data usage, sms, etc.
* You cannot deactivate any Roaming service by yourself (they will even not confirm you that the Roaming services have been deactivated but it wasn't !! meaning that, at some time you will get a bill surprise if you travel...).
* If you go over the 500min tariff calls, the price gets very expensive: 0,36 euro/min, without getting an SMS notification on time meaning also a bill surprise !!
* Shop assistants are very limited to help you, you can only become a new member or replace your modem, thats all you can do at any shop !!
* Home internet connection is not stable and the unique solution they provide is to replace your modem 5 times, required steps to later check that the problem was their shitty service !! ).
* Should I continue... ??
* Hope this can help to somebody and UPC can take care of customers, first because I don't see any improvement since the last 2 years that I am customer and I want to prevent people from waisting time and money for a poor service.

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